Oxygen Not Included is a Survival, Colony Building, Strategy game released in 2017 by Klei Entertainment, the developer of Starve. Oxygen Not Included is the cutest and one of the leading names in Survival and Colony Management games. You decide whether to set up a colony or babysit the characters. But these babies are so cute!

Forget all the Rogue-Like games you’ve ever played. Experience this Rogue-Like game, Oxygen Not Included. Although your character doesn’t die and respawn, you feel like you’re dying again and again. And every time you respawn, you learn something new. Your first save will probably be chaotic. Probably your babies will suffocate in their own self-exhaled gas. You’ll also die with them. It is very possible to say “What is this bro, what just happened?” It is normal for you to consider quitting the game.

But hold on! Do not give up. Because that’s what’s supposed to happen. You have to try again and learn from your past mistakes and act accordingly. So you will probably fix the first problem. But in your second game there will be a new problem and you’ll die because of it. This cycle will continue through trial and error until the very end. At least until you get bored. And if you love to learn, you won’t be bored for long. We always say “Let me do this to, I’ll stop playing after doing it” while playing certain games, Oxygen Not Included is exactly that. Get ready to stay until the sun rises.

Translated by Hasan Cihan Aylaz


Oxygen Not Included

Before starting the game, the game makes you choose three babies. By the way, sometimes I will call them as”baby”, but in the game, babies are called “duplicants” or “dups”. They will always be my little babies.

We have babies who are better in different professions and also have extra good and bad features in the game. You have to choose these carefully. There are different clones like the one who is better at cook, better at science, better at crafting, etc. You can choose these features according to the way you play or the way you think it will be easier. There’s a high possibility that you’ll pick the wrong thing at first. As I said, you’ll get everything after playing for a while. If you dont give up on the game and stop playing, you’ll learn everything step by step. You will progress in the game in the easiest and most powerful way to learn, by doing wrong and getting seriously injured by your mistakes. A misfortune is better than thousand pieces of advice.

I think, you need to care a little more about your babies’ bad traits. Some snore while sleeping, some become gluttonous, some have a small bladder. You need to think carefully about these bad traits, because they can even put an end to your small adventure. Besides these, each of them also has an ability. There are many different abilities, such as babies that research faster, fill up faster, work better at night and gain more morale from decorations. After thinking about their advantages and disadvantages, you start the game with 3 clones. As you play, you get a supply drop every few days. Supply drop can contain a new clone, as well as other things that you need. You can choose one thing -you don’t need to choose anything- from that suply drop and then you need to send it back.


You need to meet the mental needs of your colony as well as its physical needs. Keeping your babies’ morales high is your first priority for them to work better and faster. There are several ways you can do that. First of all, you must avoid the chaos in your base. Even just to do so, you need architectural talent. You also have easier but temporary solutions. Like art. If you place sculptures and hang paintings, our art-loving brothers start to feel good. Clone with the high morale is the clone who works hard. Besides, they also need sleep. You need to make comfortable sleeping areas, punish babies who snore, and make sure that your colony sleeps smoothly at night. Unless you want your clones to work slower.

Also, the intelligence of babies should be touched upon. From time to time, they may fall into the hole they dug, or if you do not set priorities for them, they may work in the wrong order. You need to observe and follow your babies well. Finding a dead clone that randomly catches your eye in a very unrelated place can depress both you and the entire colony. It can also spread a disease! So even if they are not too stupid, they need a guide, an order.


In the beginning, you have 4 basic needs. These are: oxygen, clean water, toilet and hygiene. Hunger is not a problem in the beginning. You can survive few days, few “cycles” according to the game, with the meal given while entering the game. But you need to take care of the oxygen and the toilet. Imagine trying to survive in a small and narrow environment with 3 people. Probably, the first thing that comes to your mind is the food and water problem. But after playing Oxygen Not Included, your first concern will always be TOILET, believe me. If you do not pay enough attention to the toilets or if one of your babies “Got the runs”, there is a high probability of pollution, even fatal consequences. When you find a dead clone somewhere and read the cause of death, you might be very surprised.

I don’t think I need to talk too much about problems like oxygen, clean water and hygiene. With the trial and error method, you will be able to meet them in the first games, maybe even in the first game, but as I said, everything will probably be in chaos. In time, you will strive to turn this chaos into order. After you get things going, you will encounter other needs. This is the second phase of the game.


Oxygen Not Included

Once you have your vital needs on track, you need electricity and a research station to advance your game. Of course, in the meantime, your oxygen will start to decrease. That’s why you need to set up an oxygen generator that converts algae into oxygen. You have to install a manual electricity generator for it to work. Manual manufacturer requires a clone. And he/she better be in good condition! In addition to these two, you need to establish a research station to progress further in game. After getting into the research business, the game will change and develop a lot at once. For some, it will become even more frightening. But this is not in a bad way, of course. Jobs where you can install many systems and access new tools are waiting for you.

With the research station, new technologies are being accessible in the fields of food, energy, solid matter, colony development, medicine, liquids, gases, exoclothes, decor, computers and rocket engineering. If I said being accessible, the game does not make all accessible in the same time, of course. You have to research all of them in turns and advance the technology in these branches. You can start with new discoveries such as a simple ventilation system, sewer, soil processor and progress to rocket technology. As you progress, the technologies become more complicated. As you move forward in the gas and liquid branch, you can separate the materials you find on the planet with the help of various filters and obtain new substances. In the computer branch, you can set up systems that will automate your work. We can reach dozens of things from the station that allows you to establish a “Critter” farm, to the textile counter that allows you to make clothes for your babies, to the capsule clinic where you can improve your colon, to the bathrooms. Even those who manage to see the end of the game have a chance to escape from the planet by building a space rocket with rocket technology!


Congratulations, you have passed the first stage “primitive” of the game. I would like to say sit down, breathe and rest… But you don’t have time to do any of that. Because, now the bellies will start to gently rumble! We’re just starting the game! The research station you established has just opened the doors of a new game for you. And you have to fulfill one last need to enter this world. It’s hunger. Many days have passed, food stocks are depleted. You have to start the farm building business, which is one of the first and most important elements of settled life. At least that’s what I learned from the game. If we set up the farm, put an irrigation system under it, reap the crops, and have a light meal, we can continue.

Next, we have the main “Oxygen Not Included” part. The part where those who do not give up will get the real taste of the game. Of course, there are many more content in between that I have not told, the character limit would not let me explain everything. It would be better for you to discover them. Since we have access to new things, thanks to the research station, we now have new problems. The need for electricity has increased even more. Be careful, do not overload the electrical cables. Hmm, its getting a bit warmer, huh. Is it a little bit stuffy inside? It seems like the sinks stopped working as well.

Now you will need to find new resources and use them to generate things like electricity, water, oxygen. For these resources, you need to start exploring your surroundings by expanding your base. You have to adjust the temperature and regulate the electric currents. Because the excess heat will upset your crops, and the electrical problem is one of the most dangerous events that can bring you to an end in these parts of the game. You already had to find new raw materials and start developing electrical cables. The ventilation system is there for a reason!

If you try to set up even one these systems, you will probably fail multiple times. You will come up with a new theory and try it, and something new that you couldn’t calculate will come out, it will bring you to an end. But at the end, when you see that the system you set up has come a long way, even if it is not perfect, it will be an amazing feeling.


There are many other elements in the Oxygen Not Included universe that I haven’t been able to talk about, and that I haven’t even seen. The game has a technology to study, that can turn you into a mad scientist: To be able to use hydrogen and natural gas to produce other things via ventilation systems, seperating the dirt from the water to produce drinkable water by using sewage system, reducing the room temperature with ventilation and water… Even though it is very difficult for you to do all of these, it is very satisfying to discover and install these systems. When you set up a system without any help on your own and you succeed, you feel really good. And doing so increases your chance to say “Let me do this to, I’ll stop playing after doing it”. Oxygen Not Included can be played for hundreds of hours. Although the penalty for your systems not working is harsh, game’s save system helps you a lot at that point. The game autosaves everyday. Besides that, there’s a quicksave option. Protect those saves carefully! You will need it.

If you like to build a colony, survive and learn new things through trial and error, Oxygen Not Included is a great option. Even if you don’t like it, you should try it for a few hours to see how’s it to play a really hard game.

*Türkçe incelemeye buradan ulaşabilirsiniz.

Oxygen Not Included is a game that those who want to play a challenging game through *survival, colony building and trial and error* will really love. This game, which is not very exemplary in its genre, is a blessing that’s really hard to find. Start playing the game and spend hundreds of hours playing it. You will not regret it.
  • The game has a lot to offer.
  • A satisfying difficulty.
  • Systems that work flawlessly
  • Clearing the remains of the excavation can be unnecessarily challenging.
  • Work priorities can sometimes get mixed.
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