Frostpunk shows us video game lovers what winter is. Yes, winter is really brutal and deadly!

“Winter… is the only season which shows us what cold is… Our world, due to a disaster, has lost its effects of the sun. In the first few months of the disaster it felt like it was a normal climate. But in time this normality showed its face as a beginning of a disaster! Now only a handful of people are alive on the surface. We are showing effort to survive this disaster. Only for one thing! To LİVE ON…”

After a disaster our planet has entered a long winter season and people who are still alive are working as hard as they can to survive. We will greatly assist the society in surviving by undertaking affairs of the management. Our story in leading starts here.


A large group of people who have fled from London due to heavy winter, were separated from each other due to a heavy snow storm. The group which we are leading, has discovered a steam engine -a type of charcoal stove- that can create heat, in a pit. The discovery of this will be the touchstone of their survival. This stone is even so valuable for a group that they build a settlement around it and fight the winter.

After the first settlement buildings are built, we build other buildings such as the mess hall, infirmary and raw material extraction areas which are needed for our survival. After finishing these tasks, we help our community in surviving this black winter as well as bringing them prosperity by finding new technologies or developing the ones we have.

As in every community, there are characters in your own community that you lead. Do not forget these characters are opposing voices that make the people a community, although they may give you a headache. Because in Frostpunk every single person, is a valuable mine for your survival.


Every research done for the community will have both moral and material support effects. As example; If you increase the heat degree and range of the steam engine in the middle of your settlement (such as increase from level one to two) the tents and barracks in the level two range will be positively affected the the heat. This will increase your influence on your people.

If you promise your people a task (an event where you have to give a promise that appears on your screen -such as a task to increase the heat in specific tents/barracks-, and you click “I will do this in a close time”) and you cannot complete it in time, your community will rebel against you. And you will be exiled. Be careful!

After the games first scenario, by finishing the first 20 days you will notice three different story scenarios will be unlocked. These scenarios are all linked to the first areas that we played in the main story. By using the in game menu you can play these newly unlocked scenarios to feel different feelings and excitement. Other than that with the 22 November patch, a new mode called (endless mode) has been added to Frostpunk. We have to successfully pass each heavy storm conditions, and every time you pass it, a harder storm hits you. Is it fun? Definitely!

Frostpunk is a must play artificial world with its phenomenon of black winter and scenarios. It will make you feel what despair is with its graphics, sounds and story atmosphere. It has an inevitable reality!
  • Showing how difficult life can be without sun
  • Management selections
  • Challenging weather conditions
  • Turkish language support
  • It takes him a while to get used to it
  • Not being able to place buildings regularly
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