Our sole goal is to provide objective reviews and content to players with our team specializing in video games and related technology under the Arrange Point brand, which we have founded in 2020.

With the Arrange Point brand, we are working to bring a new and different perspective to the video game industry and at the same time continuously improve our approach to the industry, reaching every player in the global market and creating an interactive world with our AP name. Each member of our family has gathered under Arrange Point to lead the video game industry and make our formation a reputable company. Adding more than +1 value to the video game industry within the framework of our code of ethics is our only ideal goal.

We offer fun, reliable and developer content to players who benefit from the services we provide as a matter of responsibility for gamers and the video game industry. We are aware that this situation is a great value for the future and continuity of our formation. The only factors we have are the strength and honoring boasts we get from our followers.

Our publisher policy, which is meticulously enacted by the system of our formation, is implemented within the framework of media ethics and rules that coincide with our corporate identity. The limits of the ethical values of our writers and publishers, such as the self-capable mechanism of gear wheels, are processed by our formation as a result of duty and responsibility.

Our cooperation is an important factor for the future and outcome of our projects. It is an indispensable necessity for us to establish good relations with media companies operating in similar areas sectorally. Our attitude, which we have taken according to our vision, has an entrepreneurial spirit that renews and develops itself.

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